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Zhejiang reported 2 batches of substandard children's toys

Zhejiang reported 2 batches of substandard children's toys
Issue Time:2018-07-26
Zhejiang reported 2 batches of substandard children's toys, The production company is on the black list
Recently, Zhejiang bureau of quality and technical supervision announced the results of second batch of children's toys product quality inspection 2018 provincial supervision and sampling. According to the spot check, two batches of products of two enterprises failed to meet the requirements of relevant standards. Huixin toys co., LTD.was listed as the black list.
It is learned that in the second quarter of 2018, Zhejiang provincial quality and technical supervision bureau organized and carried out the supervision and sampling inspection of children's toy product quality. Mechanical and physical properties of the selective examination on the toy products (normal use), the mechanical and physical properties (reasonably foreseeable abuse), flammable properties, specific element migration, signs and instructions, flat-fell seam and soft fastness sewing, sewing quality, product appearance, hole, grinning cloth, decorative thread, filler, particle filler tank, functionality and integrity, symmetry, the inspection items such as color.
Spot check found that 2 batches of products of 2 enterprises did not meet the requirements of relevant standards, and the unqualifie marking and use instructions. Among them, The plastic bricks toys produced by Yongkang huixin toys co., LTD are unqualified, and the colored mud toys produced by Wenzhou xianjun crafts co., LTD are unqualified.
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