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Mom can't replace dad in the family education.

Mom can't replace dad in the family education.
Issue Time:2018-05-23

Both mom and dad are equally important in a family's education. Mother's love is tender, delicate while father's love is bold and unconstrained, father's love is more conducive to the baby up. studies have shown that children raised by fathers are more adventurous and IQ more high relatively, father has a great influence to the child's logical ability, creativity, self-confidence.

1. It is conducive to the "mental" development of children

Babies who spend two hours a day with their father are more intelligent and have better relationships than those who spend less than five hours a week with their father. Research shows that children raised by fathers have higher IQ and are more likely to succeed in society.


2. Good for children's "character".

Cultivate a healthy character need mother's good qualities and more need dad's good character, especially the boys need to have qualities such as masculine fortitude, law-abiding, have the courage to challenge, dare to take risks, not afraid of difficult setback. Children do not grow well in the greenhouse, only through the baptism of wind and rain, can thrive. The characteristics of the father can lead the child to achieve this.


3. It is conducive to children's "comprehensive" experience of life.

Whether a boy or a girl is brought up only by his father or by his mother, the world he sees is not complete. Mothers tend to dote on their children. Paternal love is a kind of deep, serious love. The father thinks more about the child's future. Most of the children who lost their father's love lacked confidence, curiosity, spirit of exploration and weak will. When he grow up, he will be at a loss when he encounter some problems. The influence of father on children includes intelligence, physical, emotional and personality.

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