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How to make a flower with air drying clay/ super light clay?

How to make a flower with air drying clay/ super light clay?
Update Time:2018-08-09
1. Using blue air dry clay to shape into a flowerpot, terreous clay to shape into a round piece. Gluing the round piece to the top of the pot
2. Using red air drying clay to make a long ribbon, gluing a circle around the top of the pot; using a little red clay to shape into oval, Cutting a bowknot with a knife. Attaching the bowknot to the ribbon.
3. Finding a toothpick and intercepting the appropriate length. Taking the green dry clay and sticking it on the toothpick, Pressing the toothpick to roll back and forth on a clean table, This way the air dry clay sticks more evenly. So the flower stem was finished by us.
4. Choosing green light clay to knead into a strip, pressure flat; Using a toothpick to carve leaf texture; Sticking it to the stem. Attach a small receptacle to the top of the flower stem.
5. Choosing yellow super light clay for a small cake, pricking the hole with a toothpick to shape into a stamen. Using red clay to make the strips, Sticking evenly to the opposite side of the stamen. Flower is finished.
6. Sticking the flower to the stem. Planting the flower stem in a pot. To finish.
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