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How to purchase and use colored mud?

How to purchase and use colored mud?
Update Time:2018-08-01
Matters needing attention in purchasing and using colored mud
  • 1. Don't choose the "three nos" product

Before purchasing color mud, parents should first check whether the product name, manufacturer name, factory address, implementation standards, production date, warranty period and main ingredients of materials are marked on the outer package of the product.
  • 2. Look at the material: make sure it's edible

When choosing play-doh, parents should avoid choosing materials that contain industrial pigment and chemical substances. They should choose approved materials such as flour and food coloring to ensure that the color is pure, non-toxic and fully in line with international safety standards.Better quality play-doh can also contain salt, which helps maintain the quality of the product and prevents children from swallowing it.
3. Smell: no smell is best
The baby's sense of smell is still relatively fragile. In order to avoid stimulating the baby, the rubber clay play with the baby's smell must be elegant. We should open colour mud and clay products to smell before buying, if there is a particularly strong pungent smell and fragrance, do not buy. But at the same time do not choose odorless tasteless, because color mud added fragrance can prevent children from eating. If the fragrance is particularly strong or stimulating, it is recommended not to buy it.
4. Touch texture: it's best not to stick to your hands
Safe, good quality colored mud is delicate, soft and good adhesion. The baby will not stick to their hand when playing, children prefer to play. Parents can use their fingers to press hard when buying colored mud, to see whether it sticks to their hands, whether their fingers will feel the oil, whether there is colored mud on their hands? If not, it proves the material is good.
  • 5. Don't choose pastel products that lose color

Discoloration color mud not only easily dirty the baby's hands, clothes, perhaps also contains a lot of toxic pigment. Such discoloration color mud on the hand is likely to cause the baby to eat into the esophagus, harm health, or direct contact with the skin caused by allergies. Therefore, when choosing color mud, mothers must see whether color mud is fading, if so, please do not buy!
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