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Testing procedures for imported toys in Brazil

Testing procedures for imported toys in Brazil
Update Time:2018-07-25
    •                                           Testing procedures for imported toys in Brazil

The former national standard for toys in Brazil is NM 300, which includes physical, combustion, heavy metals, and battery-driven toys, similar to parts 1, 2, 3 of ISO 8124 and EN 50088.In the middle of 2007, some local authorities in Brazil still accept the test reports of en71 and ASTM as supporting documents for import applications. Because of problems with chemical testing, Brazilian customs changed the above practices. The new quality control rules for imports came into effect in August 2007. All toys imported to Brazil after that period will be subject to inspection by the local customs and to sampling by a local certification testing agency.The testing process of toys is as follows:

The importer shall submit the proforma invoice and product photo to the certification authority recognized by INMETRO, the Brazilian appraisal agency;

The certification body will provide terms of commission and contracts.According to the official SISCOMEX system under the charge of the Brazilian government's office of foreign trade (SECEX), the above information (invoices, product photos, terms of entrustment and contracts) are supporting documents for applying for temporary import registration;

The imported toy products will be temporarily handed over to the customs after they arrive at the customs. The authorized certification company will take samples at the site and then send the samples to the qualified laboratory for testing.

According to the standard of NM 300, the sampling amount is as follows: 3 samples are drawn for over 6000 units of products;30 samples were drawn between 6001 and 10000 products;40 samples of products above 10001;

If the test result is qualified, the certificate of conformity of this batch of imported products will be issued, and the import can apply for the final import certificate with this certificate.

If the test result is unqualified, the products will be destroyed or returned to the producing country immediately.

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