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How should toys be sterilized?

How should toys be sterilized?
Update Time:2018-07-05

Toys are an important companion for children's growth and an important way for children to have fun, perceive and understand the world. The author of Menzzi reminds parents that toys are touched by children every day. If the toys are not hygienic, the baby will be infected with pathogenic bacteria so that affect their health. Bacteriologists have measured the number of bacteria on plastic toys at 3,163, wooden toys at 4,934 and fur toys at 21,500 for 10 days.Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect toys regularly.

Plastic and rubber toys, such as plastic mini blocks which often be putted into their mouths when children have teeth. Parents can deal with 75 percent alcohol and 0.2 percent peroxy acid. Parents can also use diluting soap water and disinfectant washing powder to soak, and then use clean water to rinse clean, finally use clean cloth to wipe dry or dry in the sun.

Menzzi prompts us to clean the toys regularly. The time can be determined according to the length of the baby's contact with the toys and less than one month. At the same time, parents should educate children that they should not gnaw toys, put away toys not to throw after playing, wash hands before eating and so on. In addition, Parents  can create a relatively fixed place for children to play so as to store toys together. Don't let your baby carry toys to the kitchen or bathroom.

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