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How many mistakes do you know about toys?

How many mistakes do you know about toys?
Update Time:2018-06-22

    Toys are an important companion for children's growth and an important way for children to have fun, perceive and understand the world. Children develop rapidly both physically and mentally from birth. Parents need to know about the learning needs of children of different ages, which can be satisfied through toys. So today Menzzi will take you know some of the mistakes of using toys.

    First of all, toys are not substitutes. The good condition of toys is that parents play together with their children instead of playing the role of parents. Many families have the obvious problem that family members are much less participation and everything can be bought with money. Parents and children often enjoy playing on their own, so some toys lose their original meaning.

    Now on the market most early educational toys emerge in endlessly, which cause a lot of misleading for parents. Menzzi found many parents like to buy toys for children targeted. Actually toy in the hands of children is a comprehensive tool, not training aid that aiming at the trait. In addition, educational toys are called toys only for children to play happily, followed by educational toys.

    No matter how the age changes, the suitable children's toys is still the nature of environmental protectionToys should be suitable for their own children, not as expensive as possible. I heard the children talking a few days ago, they said, "my mother who bought me what, how much, how good and so on". Nowadays, the comparison between children is quite serious. Parents should learn to choose suitable toys for their children.

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